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Responsible sourcing and production

Choosing the right materials is an essential part of our strategy. This means producing with more sustainable materials, by selecting higher quality materials that are ethically sourced (like hemp or organic cotton), emphasize on recycled materials (like RPET, mix recycled fabrics, recycled paper ) and consider whether materials (type of plastic, glass, stainless steel, aluminium) and finished products lend themselves to a recycling process.

Social responsibility

As a major player in the promotional industry, EcoSource takes its responsibilities seriously. All EcoSource items are well-constructed and produced with compliant and safe materials. Before it reaches the hands of a customer, it has passed several tests to ensure that it is safe for the health and safety of the end user and that it meets the requirements. All our products are tested by independent and certified laboratories along the product development process.

Sustainable printing process

In all printing techniques, we continuously aim to strongly reduce the use of solvent-based chemicals. It also means that during our printing process, we do not output any chemicals in the waste water systems, but transport these chemicals to a chemical processing company. Therefore we can re-use water during the printing process.

During screen and transfer printing, we do not throw ink away, but reuse it for new pantone colors. By reusing inks or using inkless printing techniques, we strongly reduce our overall waste. We focus on reducing the number of misprints and the number of print quality claims as percentage of our total number of printed products.

Sustainable solutions

As we strongly reduce the use of plastic and use packing materials in the most efficient way as possible, we reduce our environmental footprint. For our inbound freight we minimize the use of plastic packaging and use or reuse paper packaging instead. As an example we re-use in our Ede sample warehouse shredded cardboard boxes. For outbound freight we also reuse existing packaging as much as possible

Overall it means that a big part of all of our packaging used is more sustainable packaging, made from natural-, recycled material or bio plastics.

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